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Bathroom Remodeling in Laguna Beach

Bathroom Remodeling projects are popular in Laguna Beach and its trending in Orange County as a whole. What makes Bathroom remodeling projects exciting is that its small enough space that homeowners enjoy remodeling and its comfort and energy usage is relatively the highest compared to the rest of the house, which makes it the perfect room to start. Inner City Skyline offers energy efficiency upgrades, design solutions and bathroom additions with blueprints for residence of Laguna beach.

bathroom remodeling

Energy Efficient upgrades for Bathroom

Upgrading the toilet is one of the most efficient  upgrade you can do for your bathroom. Upgrading it to a more modern, dual flush toilet can save hundreds of gallons of water. In addition to upgrading your toilet there are options for optimizing water flow for faucets and shower heads. These are options for homeowners to use less water and still maintain their hygiene. In addition to using less, the Grey Water system can reuse the water from your bathroom and filter/store it for reuse for the lawn. Its creative and beneficial for the outdoors, while using very little additional water.

Bathroom Design

Choosing the right theme for your bathroom can help determine how a bathroom designer can draw out plans and get you started. The first element to consider is where to place the shower/tub. Before we determine where to place it, finding out what will be more suitable for you, a bath tub or shower? Size is something to consider, but many homeowners specially in Laguna beach, tend to enjoy a good tub. Inner City Skyline,  has local vendors that offer great price on Jacuzzi Tubs, regular tubs, or energy efficient tubs. Once you determine your bathroom placement, next step is finding the right tile for you. Choosing, the materials can be easy if a professional walks you through different options and helps get a good understanding of what your perfect bathroom is. After choosing the bathroom tile, installing the tub, vanity and toilet comes next. Installation can be tricky if not done by licensed contractor. Leaks and other damages can occur and costs for repair from water damage is tremendous. Free estimates for homeowners in need of water repairs in addition to bathroom installations.

bathrom additons

Bathroom Additions 

If homeowners are in need of bathroom additions, find out first if city allows bathroom additions or request a free estimate from Inner City Skyline to determine costs, project details, planning and actual construction. We are a general contractor with tons of experience to build your new bathroom addition. Most homeowners find tremendous value in additions specially in Laguna beach. Adding Value by upgrading or adding bathrooms in the garage or adding a second story bathroom can be one of the best investments for your house. Call us today  to schedule your estimate.


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