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Room Addition Ideas in Laguna Beach

Are you a homeowner in need of upgrading or adding a second story? Are you interested in finding out costs to see if its even worth it for you to upgrade? Consider a free estimate from our friends at Inner City Skyline. A little intro for our friends. Inner City Skyline has been in the remodeling industry for over 20 years. One of the most trusted contractors in Orange County, Inner City Skyline offer value when it comes to remodeling. Only takes on homeowners that understand and appreciate added value through remodeling, Inner city skyline upgrades homes in almost any condition. Fully licensed and insured general contractor with one of the oldest operating license in the region. Find out Costs and project details from a professional you can trust.

Room addition Ideas

Room addition Ideas

Room Addition Ideas in Laguna Beach

The most popular and most sought after addition for homes is garage conversions. Homeowners are cleaning up and turning garages into usable space for family and friends or simply renting it out as a second unit. This is popular because of the added value it offers both when it comes to selling your home due to livable square footage, and to enjoy the space.

Adding a second story with a bathroom Laguna Beach

Second story remodeling projects can be tricky if not done correctly. Requesting appropriate permits and approval is a must to ensure your structure can handle the added weight. In addition to permits, blueprints are needed to ensure the project is built according to standards. Each measurement and detail is designed in the blueprint for the contractor to read.  After all the planning is done, a licensed and insured professional is needed to install and build the plans. Inner City Skyline can help you get started and deal with only one person during the whole processes. Our team of professionals relay the information and make sure the work gets done in a timely manor.

What to look for in a contractor?

Room additions need Licensed B California license to conduct all trades. When adding a bedroom for example, it requires many different trades to build the building correctly. With a licensed B , General contractor is legally allowed to do the work. Second thing to consider is personality. If you have a good rapport with your contractor take that and run with it. Room additions usually take 4-6 weeks to get approved and started sometimes longer. lastly, look for detail oriented contractor. Your initial contact with the contractor can show you plenty. Seeing how he dresses, acts and talks  can be enough to know how detailed he actually is.

Room Addition IDEAS

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