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3 Things to consider when remodeling/ Adding Stairs to your home | Los Angeles, CA

Stair contractors are by far the hardest to come by and considering how packed Los Angeles is in regards to contractors, this is simply unacceptable. Novel Remodeling has developed and perfected stair remodeling and homeowners have expressed gratitude. From Experiences directly by Novel Remodeling, here is 3 things to consider when remodeling your stairs. Planning is the most important part of the stair project. If you plan accordingly, the project will turn out perfect. Here is how you can plan.

stair remodeling in los angeles

Determining the type of stairs you need: To begin the planning stages for your stair remodeling project,  homeowners have a few things to consider. The most challenging aspect of stair remodeling is determining what type of stairs you need. Space is a big factor in determine the type of stairs you would be designing. if you have the length , consider building straight stairs that go straight up. These like escalators, tend to be in the middle of the house. Are wider than usual and usually show details through the wooden railings. Second type of stairs is semi straight, with a 90 degree pivot to go up to the next level. Slop of the stairs and accuracy is by far crucial in building these stairs. one small measurement can through things off. Finally, circular type of stairs are the last and most common type  of stairs for mansion type homes. These stairs are beautiful in nature and take very little room. The slop theory for this type of stairs is limited and can be easily built out of metal pre-made structures.


After Determining the type of stairs you need, choosing the right material is the next step: To choose the right material, one must understand the design and how the home is laid out.  Homes that tend to have hardwood or bamboo flooring tend to focus mostly on wooden stairs. Styles are also a big concern for the type of materials used. Victorian age homes tend to work well with wooden stair structures. Modern homes go well with iron or concrete. Cold structure but sophisticated. Each type of material has its benefits and weaknesses. Heavier structures might require engineering to not harm your home. Licensed contractors are idle for projects like these. Those who specialize in stair remodeling, stair repairs know how to build it correct so problems are avoided in the future.


Designing your new stairs: To homeowners, this is the best part of the project. Nothing technical, more artistic and design friendly. Homeowners really enjoy remodeling stairs due to its fun nature. Small distinctive changes and curves can make it exciting. Some staircases are at the focal point of the house. Dual stair homes tend to be one of these homes that offer the guest a clear view of how creative or blah the stairs of a home can really be. I like to take note the show “Arrow” and the stairs are made out of wood and curve right into the pre-living space. Well thought out space with room for guests to mingle. Iron Designers are also a big part of stair remodeling and those who can weld do great things in this field of remodeling. Some flowery, curvatures help give shape to stair railings a distinctive look. Other projects tend to bring functionality to stairs by adding safety and design elements. Slip resistive apply strips help elderly and kids from slipping and falling from stairs. Everything must be considered wit your new design stairs and a qualified contractor can help you go through the list.

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