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Top 5 places to shop In Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, ca is one of the most exciting places to shop and I would like to share my favorite places. I am not getting rewarded by any of these companies so don’t think its a promotion. Its simply my experiences about the places i shop most often and enjoy the experience.

5th on the list is the Empire Center in Burbank, CA. What makes this place one of my favorite places to shop is the easy access to parking (Depends on the shopping hours and deals of the week). My favorite stores at the empire center are Marshals and TJ Max simply because of the great deals they offer. What i don’t like about these stores are the lack of customer service and finding your correct sizes. If you shop in the day i believe Tuesdays is new shipment day so go early to get the best products. The next store that brings everything together is Target. Its a beautiful store with easy layouts and designed for the consumer in mind. I found the best products at the lowest prices at this Target! Its also fun to browse.

4th on the List is the Americana in Glendale, CA. Glendale as a city has been in construction for the better and its clearly showing its colors with the new Americana. This place is beautiful because of the water shows, play area for the kids and a beautiful movie theater when you are tired of shopping and just need to rest. The best stores in mind are Nordstrom and Sony for tech shoppers. Nordstrom is relatively new and offers a decent layout of its most popular products. Its built modern and its a bit confusing to grasp where things are but the layout is easy to walk through and pick out specific products. Sony on the other hand has the best customer service. The people are friendly and offer the best of Sony in a tiny store. Not that grand, but easily located and staff are pleasant to talk to.

3rd on the List is the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, CA. This is not your old school galleria you find in most cities. This galleria has been upgraded and recently had a face-lift. Its clearly the most diverse shopping experience because of both specialty stories and major department stores as well. What i find most stressful is the parking experience. Thankfully, Famous Limo Services offers a great experience by picking you up and dropping you off at any store in the area. Friendly drivers, great service and most of all its easy for you. The main type of transportation is a suburban with room for friends and shopping bags. Overall great experience!

2nd on the list is the Beverly Center in Beverly hills, CA. What i like most about the Beverly Center is how pleasant all the employees are. The drive is a bit too much for me, however, since the staff is so nice, and the restaurants are so wonderful, i spend at least one Saturday shopping. For my drive i use Famous Limo Services which makes things more comfortable for me but the prices here are  a bit steep. Beverly center is great for Black Friday shopping and other days that the prices are at a steep discount.

My favorite place to shop is simply on Rodeo Drive in Santa Monica, CA.  This is one of the most exciting shopping places in all of Los Angeles and comes in #1 for my favorite place to shop. Don’t get me wrong its very expensive and with that, it comes with all its amenities. Most celebrities now travel with Uber and Private transportation companies like Famous Limo Services. The ride there is crucial because there are beautiful scenarios to see and just driving through is very exciting. All major brand stores are there like Armani, Luis Vuitton and more.

best places to shop in Los Angeles

shopping at Rodeo Drive

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